Wondering how to choose between those two envelope types up there? Deciding whether to print your standard #10 envelopes in 1- or full-color depends on whether your priority is price or design; go for 1-color if you’d prefer to save on your envelope printing, but go ahead with full-color if high-quality design is more important. We also offer other sizes and types of envelopes for our 1-color printing that can accommodate contents as varied as greeting cards and catalogs.

Size 250 500 1000 2500 5000
Full Color $135.00 $140.00 $161.00 $295.00 $495.00




1-Color Envelope Full Color Envelope
Customized envelopes can help any company strengthen their brand. Not too many companies buy their envelopes off-the-shelf, after all. Our 1-color envelopes are a fantastic way for your company to build a positive impression with your customers without breaking the bank.1-color envelopes are not only great for business- they make for a great way to send out personal correspondences too! Get noticed with our full-color envelopes! Coupled with the right design, they’re not just great for getting your brand noticed – they make sure it’s remembered. Their standard, #10 size is ideal for letterheads, brochures, sales sheets, and just about anything you can fit in them!