Additional Materials


Size 250 500 1000 2500 5000
8.5″ x 11″ $110.00 $122.00 $139.00 $182.00 $297.00




About Letterhead:
Letterheads are commonly used for business correspondences outside the company. However, these can also be used as inserts in product manuals, as well as welcome letters and memos. Show off your business's best colors by using our high-quality, offset color printing to your business's advantage!



Size 250 500 1000 2500 5000
12-Page $1,400.00 $1,500.00 $1,700.00 $2,200.00 $3,100.00




About Calendars:
We offer three calendars types for business marketing needs all year round: Wall Calendars, Poster Calendars and Card Calendars. You may be familiar with wall calendars as they are the kind used by most; they display one month at a time. Wall Calendars are made of multiple pages bound together using wire-o or saddle stitch binding. They usually have a photo or image above the calendar days to increase its appeal. Card calendars and poster calendars display an entire year on a single sheet of paper or cardstock. We offer them in standard postcard and poster size, respectively.



Size 250 500 1000 2500 5000
4.25″ x 11″ $130.00 $145.00 $165.00 $200.00 $350.00
5.5″ x 17″ $237.00 $250.00 $270.00 $400.00 $650.00





About door hangers:

Door hangers are ideal as delivery menus. You can use door hangers as tools for advocacy campaigns, advertising, and service and product promotion as well. Using attractive images and text will make your door hangers hard to miss. Designs can be printed on one side only or both. Add perforations if you want to include other materials, such as business cards, with your contact information. You could even do coupons for special offers and discounts.



Size 250 500 1000 2500 5000
4″ x 6″ $40.00 $45.00 $55.00 $100.00 150.00




About postcards:
Postcards are one of the most versatile marketing materials that you could use for personal or business needs. We offer you two types of postcards, standard and folded.When choosing whether to go for standard or folded postcards, you need to know when to use which kind of postcard. Standard postcards are made out of extra thick card stock that works well for personal use. Folded prints are ideal for marketing purposes. You can incorporate the flap into the design, making your postcards standout. With folded postcards, you can create a good impression and a sense of anticipation. They’re printed on a lightweight card stock; this helps folding the postcard (half- or tri-fold) much easier.